Daisy López Nunci














The child looks for a poem,

in the flower, in the tree,

and in all the little things

that God made for you and me.


The child looks for a poem

in his mother's loving eyes,

in the whisper of her voice

when she sings a lullaby.


The child looks for a poem.

_Where can that poem be found?_

In the sun, the birds, the stars,

in those things that are around.

                             Daisy López Nunci






I have a wonderful kite

that loves to play in the sky.


A kite like a humming bird

who talks to clouds with no words.


A pretty red and blue kite

who sings in the morning light.




A kite who believes that play

is the work of every day.

                     Daisy López Nunci





I have a little rabbit

fluffy and white;

two little stars enlighten

his loving eyes.


We like to walk together

_Never apart-

then I feel a smooth cloud

near my heart.       

                                                                                                                               Daisy López Nunci





Riding on a wooden horse

I found a child on the way.

_Where are you going?, my dear.

_To capture a cloud to play.


_Good luck! I said to the child,

I wish you can reach so high

and find a way to the heaven

on this horse with crystal eyes.

                                                                                                                                   Daisy López Nunci





This morning I made a boat

to go to New York by sea.

_Good bye!_ I said to San Juan.

_Good bye!_ said San Juan to me.


Over the waves goes my boat

up and down in the light.

_What a brave sailor, boy!

That keeps New York on your sight.


Far away goes my boat,

_Does mother know where I am?

Thinking that she's missing me

to Puerto Rico I came back.

                    Daisy López Nunci





Two birds in a garden

where you can see

a little straw house

swinging by a tree.


Two birds in the garden

singing to the nest;

two little sun rays

sleep in the eggs.


Tomorrow, in the garden,

_A surprise of love!

Two little birds chirping

as a gift of God.

                Daisy López Nunci





To the fair goes my dog,

to the fair goes my cat;

she wears a pretty bow;

an elegant tie he has.


When the people see my friends

walking proudly down the street,

The say to my dog _How handsome!

They say to my cat _How sweet!


In the eyes of my dog,

and in my cat's pretty eyes,

little stars of pride and joy

twinkle in the morning light.

                               Daisy López Nunci





Once upon a time

a boy went to play.

He invited Rabbit

to a sharing game.


_Please, give me your ears,

your eyes and your tail

and give me your whiskers

as part of the game.


_I will be a rabbit

only for a day.

You can be a boy.

_Oh, no! I don't play.

            Daisy López Nunci



*My gratefulness to Cecilia Rivera Malavé

for the help in the English translation of the poems.